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Restaurant Le Gabriel

The Michelin Guide France 2016 unveiled its new set of stars on February 1st. La Réserve Paris is proud to announce that its Le Gabriel restaurant, presided over by Jérôme Banctel, has just joined the circle of two-starred establishments exactly one year after its opening

Enhanced but never disguised, products are left to be discovered and rediscovered in all their natural glory.
This philosophy of quality can be seen in every offering. But respect for what is natural in no way excludes a certain gustatory fantasy, which here and there borrows culinary inspiration from all over the world, providing a surprise for tastebuds with an inspired reinterpretation of the great classics.
This is not about a delirious avant-garde frenzy, but instead just enough creativity to give each dish the excitement of “a first time”.

Operating hours: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 

The Chef

Jérôme Banctel, a passionate chef dedicated to flavours.
A native of Brittany who trained alongside the greatest chefs in the business, notably including Alain Senderens at Lucas Carton, he has also worked in the kitchens of the finest culinary establishments in France and elsewhere, such as Le Crillon and L’Ambroisie. His travels in Japan have also had a strong influence on him. Wherever he has been, Jérôme Banctel has perfected his mastery of traditional French cuisine with a winning blend of passion and discipline. Unfailingly rigorous with regard to products, painstaking when it comes to cooking times, he strives for authentic flavor above all.

"..Jérôme Banctel, a chef with a fine career to date... who dazzles with a cuisine that is as technically solid as it is distinctive in terms of flavors. He serves dishes based on superb produce, never straying too far from his firmly traditional foundations, yet capable of venturing beyond them when this is justified. One can for example find a few cleverly balanced Asian touches... A real success!"
MICHELIN Guide inspectors

La Pagode de Cos

Paris-Bordeaux… The latest Jérôme Banctel restaurant pays tribute to Cos d’Estournel, Second Grand cru classé Saint-Estèphe belonging to La Réserve owner Michel Reybier. The only chateau in the Bordeaux region to feature exotic pagodas, it was indeed the first to export its production to India. La Pagode de Cos perpetuates this spirit of epicurean creativity. Within the elegant setting of the private mansion at 42, Avenue Gabriel, La Pagode de Cos exalts all the distinctive codes of the French art of living, exemplified in its flowered silk-upholstered armchairs, its finely wrought gilded woodwork and its monumental fireplace.

Jérome Banctel offers fascinating variations on the theme of contemporary seasonal cuisine, constantly evolving yet perpetually inspired by the classics of traditional Bordeaux cuisine.

From refined starters to the spectacular solid silver dessert trolley, a meal here brings a succession of delicious surprises, to be savored visually before enjoying their delicate flavors. Both at lunch and dinner, the “Carte Blanche” menus provide an opportunity to discover the creations of two-star Michelin chef Jérôme Banctel, resolutely based on market produce.

The Bar

With its impressive collection of wines, the Bar has enough to satisfy the most discerning connaisseur. Guests also have the option of tasting their favorite vintages in the Library. And all the greatest classics in the art of cocktail-making feature on the menu. The barman can even improvise a recipe to order from a list of ingredients. Regulars can thus enjoy their exclusive personalized cocktail whenever they visit.