Concierge Services

About Our Concierge

 Our concierge service is available throughout the day and night, should you need any assistance.

Dog sitting

Dog sitting services, and more, are available through the Concierge. 

Service charge of 6%.

Shipping assistance

Shipping services are available through the Concierge. 

Service charge of 6%.

Courtesy Car

We are happy to provide you with a chauffeured courtesy car for any nearby destinations.
Availability on a first-come first-served basis, every evening from 7p.m to 1a.m.

All inquiries to be directed to the Front Desk. Please dial 9.

Faites votre demande

Baby Sitting

Trustworthy and experienced babysitters can be booked through the Concierge. It is preferable to reserve 24h in advance.  Please indicate which language is to be used with the children. Price is set per hour. Please note that a 6% service charge will apply. 

Hotel Box Office

Our concierge is happy to book shows, sporting events and any other ticket you desire.  Please note that tickets are subject to cancellation fees. Service charge of 6%.

About Our Valet Services

For your convenience, our valet is here to take care of your car at your arrival to the hotel. 

Should you wish to wash your car or fill up your tank, our concierge will gladly oblige.

Valet Services

Car Retrieval

Please allow 20 minutes for the valet staff to retrieve your car.Please indicate your destination should you wish to have your GPS programmed.

Fuel Tank refill

Should you wish your tank to be refilled, our valet staff will gladly oblige.Please specify if you would like your tank to be filled half-way or all the way, as well as the type of gas you require for your engine.Service charge of 6%

Car Wash

Select the service and indicate any special requirement in the field.Service charge 6%